Kind Pharmaceuticals LLC

Kind Pharmaceuticals LLC is a multinational pharmaceutical company with a US site located at the Pharmaceutical Research Center in San Francisco, and a China site founded in the Community of Industries in Zhejiang Province in 2014.

Kind was established by a group of seasoned scientists with complementary global industry experience, focusing on new drug R&D to improve lives over the world.

Kind is well funded, and ground was broken on a 300,000 square foot administrative office space and manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, one of the most beautiful “first tier” cities in China.

Kind strives to form a new drug development pattern focusing on small molecule targeted drugs and biomacromolecule drugs to treat anemia, cancers, and hard-to-treat diseases.

At Kind, we have aimed to build a vibrant international biopharmaceutical company with diversified innovative capabilities, and we are dedicated to contributing to human health.

We are keen to bring novel, effective, and affordable therapies to global patients to meet unmet medical needs.

Our mission is to be Good to Human, Humble to Science, and Kind to Patients.