Congratulations! AND017 Received U.S. FDA Official IND Approval and Enters Phase 2 Clinical Trials

On January 14, 2021, Kind Pharmaceuticals LLC received the formal notification from the US FDA approving the IND of AND017 to treat anemia due to chronic kidney disease for Phase 2 clinical trials.

AND017 is an innovative drug developed by Kind Pharma intended to treat various anemic diseases. The Company owns the global intellectual property rights of the molecule. The drug's mechanism of action won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2019, which is, under low oxygen levels, it specifically inhibits prolyl hydroxylase to increase the level of erythropoietin (EPO) in the body, inducing the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow to treat anemia. This is a revolutionary progress in the therapy for anemia. In April 2019, AND017 received IND approval by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of China to conduct clinical trials for anemia indications. At present, clinical trials in the US and China are in progress.

Kind Pharma received US FDA formal approval of the Phase 2 clinical trial within 30 days of submission. Regarding the successful approval, Dr. Dong Liu, Chairman and CEO of Kind Pharma, said happily, "This is an important milestone, marking that Kind Pharma has become a global pharmaceutical company for Phase 2 clinical development!"

Dr. Dong Liu continued that Kind Pharma is still gradually growing, “we all need to remain humble and always vigilant to follow the philosophy of "Kind to humans, humble to science, and good to patients", and gather strength and talents to make new drugs readily available to patients and contribute to human health with every struggle.”